Sunday, January 2, 2011

Passing the Sun Certified Web Componenet Developer Exam (SCWCD)

After organising 2 events I thought it is time to enhance my java skills and decided to take up the SCWCD exam.

I cleared it on 25th August 2010.

I have some suggestions for those preparing for it

Do head first twice , on your second attempt solve the niko's mock exam topic wise.

Do David bridgewater or scwcd exam study kit or Frits notes once after that.

then go on to mocks , solve as many mocks as you can, when you have doubt in a question then search the specs/book, if doubt persists search javaranch forum and other google searches, if it still persists then create a new topic on scwcd forum.

Above things could be found here
Many mock questions are ambiguous and some are useless just don't get worried by them.

Do not judge yourself by HF 2nd edition final mock exam completely. i had scored only 60% and had attempted it around 3 days before the real one. It has many errors check the errata as well.

Another thing I had solved mainly 1.4 exams only and a very few 1.5 mocks. I did not find the real exam very performance based, by my opinion it was like 1.4 mocks only.

All the best, queries are welcome.

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