Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Experience of Tata Consultancy Services Campus Recruicment

TCS selection

Date: 13th Jan 2011
Venue: Technocrats Institute of Technology, Bhopal

TCS arrived in our college on 13th January 2011 as the Day 1 company and all the TIT main students appeared for it, its criteria was 60% throughout (10th 12th and graduation)

On 13th jan we had the pre placement talk, attend this seriously and note down important things, it will help you answer most of the HR questions.

On the same day 5 toppers from each branch of our college were asked to move to UIT RGPV to attend the interviews. The top 5 were not required to clear the written exam.
Rest near around 400 candidates attempted the written exam. I was one of them.
Our written exam was scheduled on 15th Jan 2011.

Written test consisted of 35 questions and 80 mins to solve. It was an online test.
The server was somewhere in TCS and the college had only provided the systems and the browsers.
I attempted 26 questions and I thought most were correct. There is negative marking so attemt the questions carefully.

The result was declared 20 minutes after the test and 240 were selected for the written exam. Those who were just below the cut off were selected for the IT Infrastructure Services field there were 33 of them in our college and the rest were selected for IT stream. I was happy for getting selected in the IT stream.

The day itself the interviews started, 133 were called on that day itself and the rest including me were called on 16th Jan 2011.
There were 2 rounds, those who cleared the technical were called for the HR interview.
I thought the technical was the most important part of the recruicment because it consists of the MR round with it.

I cleared the technical and was recommended for the HR round.

The result was decalred the next day in college. And I was delighted to get selected.

Witten: I would say to prepare for the written round get the pattern of questions from the previous tcs papers and understand them. If you understand the concept and the logic behind the question, you will be able to answer the questions in the written exam.

Technical: Usually basic questions from the core subjects are asked, if you are not comfortable with all subjects then tell them the subjects you are comfortable with in your resume. Questions may be asked from them only.

HR: This round is easy, do not make any blunders, keep confidence and you will be able to crack the Hr round.

All the best for those attempting TCS and even if you don't make it, don't be disappointed. TCS is not the end of the world.

Queries are welcome.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Passing the Sun Certified Web Componenet Developer Exam (SCWCD)

After organising 2 events I thought it is time to enhance my java skills and decided to take up the SCWCD exam.

I cleared it on 25th August 2010.

I have some suggestions for those preparing for it

Do head first twice , on your second attempt solve the niko's mock exam topic wise.

Do David bridgewater or scwcd exam study kit or Frits notes once after that.

then go on to mocks , solve as many mocks as you can, when you have doubt in a question then search the specs/book, if doubt persists search javaranch forum and other google searches, if it still persists then create a new topic on scwcd forum.

Above things could be found here
Many mock questions are ambiguous and some are useless just don't get worried by them.

Do not judge yourself by HF 2nd edition final mock exam completely. i had scored only 60% and had attempted it around 3 days before the real one. It has many errors check the errata as well.

Another thing I had solved mainly 1.4 exams only and a very few 1.5 mocks. I did not find the real exam very performance based, by my opinion it was like 1.4 mocks only.

All the best, queries are welcome.