Sunday, April 18, 2010

Grand Introduction to OSUM Club @ TIT(Technocrats) Bhopal

This blog post is to describe my 2nd event as OSUM Club Leader of TIT Bhopal.
The title of the event is – Grand Introduction to OSUM Club

All this time I was looking for a way by which I could introduce the OSUM Club in the institute to a large group of students from various courses, branches and semesters of my institute at a time.
There couldn’t have been a better opportunity for me than the annual technical fest of our college videlicet “Technofusion 2010”. The main seminar hall of the college is witness to events like Paper Presentation and Video clip competitions etc. I got the permission from college management to get me a slot in between the competitions during which I can give an introduction to the OSUM Club in the institute.
To take the information about this seminar to all the students interested in the club, I made an OSUM notice, this notice was posted in all the notice boards of the college 3-4 days before the day of the seminar defining the date and time of the same also the benefits to students who join the club. (If you need the notice drop me a mail and I will forward it to you).
The day came and the stage was all set for me to present the OSUM club to the students, I made a presentation which comprised following things-

• FOSS and its Benefits to students and society
• Online OSUM Club & the OSUM Community
• Technocrats Institute of Technology, Bhopal (M.P.) OSUM Club
• Benefits of being member of the OSUM Club
• Registration and upcoming activities
This thoroughly explained the interested students about the club and its activities.
And I hope a positive response from students of TIT Bhopal.
All those students who answered me and interacted with me during the seminar were given "Open Solaris Pen\highlighter". Some present members of the club were awarded "Java notebook ".
There was another event in “Technofusion 2010” which was promoting FOSS it was the “Code War”, the code war was a Java Programming contest which consisted of 2 rounds two decide the best java programmers. The members were registered in teams of 2 to take part in the event.
This event was success as well, it had largest entries compared to any other event in Technofusion 2010.The winners of various events of Technofusion were awarded with “I love Solaris” t shirt and many other prizes.
Here are few images of the event-

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