Monday, August 15, 2011

A day's fight for Mu-Sigma

It was the time when I had finished my engineering and was waiting patiently at home for my joining date from TCS. 3rd of August I open my mail only to be surprised to see a call for an interview by Mu-Sigma.

It reads, your interview is scheduled on 6th of August in SP college Mumbai, wow! " I want this , I just want this , my mind says ".

Now, I was living in Bhopal, so its near 14 hour journey by train , If I leave tomorrow , I can be there , well skipping the struggle I made to make it to Mumbai, I jump straight to the judgement day.

Its 8 o clock in the morning and I am standing facing the SP College Building in Andheri, Mumbai.

Feels odd , as I am the only person out there except the "chowkidar", minutes later I see people coming in , with whom I wait eagerly for the Mu-Sigma HRs.

10 o clock and there they are, 37 of us were guided to a classroom where the written exam started instantly.

Details of Written Exam :

Duration: 25 minutes ( approx)
Sections: 3
Sections: 1. Quantitative Aptitude - 10 questions
2. Verbal Reasoning - 10 questions
3. Data Interpretation - 6 questions

There was no sectional cut off, so I knew I am not touching these big , confusing verbal reasoning questions, it was quant which was easy for me , and so was the DI questions.

Questions Preparation:
Well the question paper format keeps changing all the time as I have heard, so I would advice you to have a general idea of all the things.
My format was as I mentioned above, its quant and DI questions were easy questions from RS Agarwal.

I was keeping hopes 30-40 % chance that I will crack it, and yes I did, I was one of the 16 shortlisted candidates from the written test.

The group was immediately divided into 2 smaller groups of 8 each. Who wre straight away called for GD on the topics:

1. Corruption good or Bad.
2. Recession is gone , myth or reality.

the GD ends and again the doubt creeps in, 30-40% chance that I am getting in :/,
Bingo! I get in again , its 12 of us shortlisted for the next round.
We fill in some forms and are asked to write an essay.

1. Corruption good or bad ( yes, the same as GD)
2. Education System in India

No, cutting short on essay as I perceived , all of us move for the interviews,

The interviews are the real jury as I felt, they churn you inside out , to know if you are made for their analytics.

There are 2 rounds of interviews, first is a simpler one compared to the last which is the stress round. I would recommend you go blank in the interviews, as me telling you interview things would put in pre-conceived notions and you would not be the original person you arem so just go raw and try your best.

Coming back to me , I screwed my stress round, but something he saw in me made him to take me in.
They were announcing the result instantly, so I had the letter of intent with me at 5 o clock in the evening, It was only some days later that I came to know, that nearly 5 of us were short listed by the company.
Excited about the fact that my joining is 20th October.

This is Parth Tiwari Sigining off, take care , regards