Sunday, November 8, 2009

Passing the Sun Certified Java Programmer 6(SCJP 6) exam

Hi guys ,
In early part of my 2nd year of B.E i came to know about Certfications.Initially I beleived that these things are for professionals and not for students .But I burried about certification and came to know it is and should be done by students as well.So I drove towards sun Certification and became Sun Certified Programmer for the Java Platform, Standard Edition 6.

For those preparing for it , I would say take it easily ,there are no deamons in it.If you are a student preparing for it ,then there is a very good news for you.Sun Microsystems will provide you discount and free training for the certification exams.I unknowingly missed this chance and hence want to direct all others to make use of it.
Everything about discounted certification and training could be known from SAI(Sun Academice Initiative)

For professinals I would direct you to the site
Java Certification
to know everything about this and other certifications.

If you have any questions regarding the same ,I am always here(comment on this page for your questions).


  1. Hi Parth nice job..
    could you tell me?
    which SCJP shall I go for 5 or 6 and why?

  2. thnks deepak ,,
    U must go for SCJP 6 as it is the latest and soon 5 version is gonna be closed .
    People usually think that since 5 is easier we will get scjp tag easily so we shall attempt 5 but the reality is that a person shall try becoming a better programmer and later scjp.So learn the latest things and go for scjp 6

  3. hi parth, m preparing for scjp can u guide me how n where to get voucher at cheap rates....plz tell me about SAI as well...

  4. @deeksha
    hi deeksha ,,
    if u r a professinal then u can buy voucher online from
    it will cost u 300$ i suppose...

    if u dont want to buy online then u can even contact ur closest NIIT center ,NIIT is prometric center nd there as far as i knw one can buy voucher as well...

    if u r a student then u have a golden opportunity to give exam at just 40$
    on SAI u will receive free training ,free epractice xam and from SAI u can buy Sun Voucher at 40$ only..
    here is the link to SAI

    click on [get started] and from there on u can register and buy a voucher.

    Best of luck (ask me for further queries)

  5. hai parth ,
    i am at present doing my java and j2ee course in niit centre ,can i apply for scjp in niit itself for discounted price??
    also iam doing my final year b.e much it would cost in indian rupees for scjp..
    i also want to know the method of conducting exam and how the exam question would be...
    both in scjp exam and in niit exam for java and j2ee... where can i find the question paper models
    iam expecting ur help...

  6. @ dhanbalan
    if u want SAI discount for SCJP then u have to buy online niit will not provide SAI discount
    if u apply by sai then cost is 2000/- otherwise its 6000/- around
    u cann apply for SAi by going to

    u can get all info about xam and paper from SCJP kathy sierra book
    and also from SAI

    ask me for further queries..

  7. hi parth
    i ordered sai scjp voucher three weeks ago.i hav submitted all the necessary verifications proofs but didnt got the voucher yet? can u help me out in this matter?

  8. hi deep...
    where did u register it from? did u do it from SAI or from the sun's site//?

    try contacting the contact email given by them.

  9. I have purchased CX310-065 practice test from UCERTIFY before 4 months. There were many questions wrongly explained. Yesterday, I have taken the exam and failed. Not a single question comes from this practice test. I thing, I have wasted my time as well as money for the BULLSHIT study material. My experience with UCERTIFY CX310-065 software was very-very bad. It was too much frustrating for me. I will not recommend this software to anyone. I think testking and transcender is more reliable than the ucertify. Please don’t use!!!!!!

    Raghu Nathan

  10. hi raghu,,
    I too had studied the same sftware of ucertify for the xam but I did not find any ques wrongly xplained , I wil not say that questions were from that only ,but yes the questions they gave were really nice and xplained the concepts nicely.

    I wud advice go for the book of the xam first and solve ucertify only in the end.
    Also there used to be a money back guarantee in ucertify try for that .


  11. hi parth,could you plz help me out with the when should i apply for the SAI voucher since rignt now i m not preparing for the certification.. and i hv not that confidence..
    so after preparation only, i must go to SAI registration.M i right???

  12. hi , well voucher is valid for 1 year ,in which u can prepare for certification , and if u can find 3 months out of this 1 year u wil clear certi.

    Another thing SAI is not accepting new members from 26th jan 2010 so u cannot register for SAi anymore. If u are a preavious memeber u cud have boughht SAI voucher till 31st march 2010 at 40$ rate.
    but now u can get 40% disc on certi only.

    but if u r thinking of registering as a new memeber , then i am sorry to say that it is closed.
    if u buy normal voucher then buy it only days before u wanna attempt the exam.

  13. thanx for ur concern

  14. hi
    this is himanshu I want to give scjp exam so hoa i can get discount on scjp voucher because sai registration is closed Plesa help me to get discount in scjp voucher.

  15. hi.. SAi is now cloased
    so u cannot get discount for scjp from sai..

    get ur college part of oracle academy and then try and look for discount.

    go to oracle academy site to get related info.
    Also join to stay updated .

  16. Hello parth, and thank you for sharingthis kind information! I have taken 2 level classes in programming VB on visual studio 10 and wish to understand how to become on the path to programming windows applications. In which direction should i go for knowledge upon this subject. marcus

    thank you !